Typical boat in Punat.

After the last adventure in Stara Baška we headed back to Punat, a small town with couple thousand people settled in the Punat bay. What is important about Punat is that it has a big-ass Marina for yachts, in fact – the oldest one in Croatia. But we won’t talk about that. We want to talk about the history of Punat.

First we decided to walk from one side of Punat to the other by the sea. Because why not, view is beautiful!

Old part of Punat.

Punat was a fishing village once, but now it’s a touristic center with thousands of tourists coming every summer. You can see more and more of the old houses getting renovated for more tourists to spend a night there.

Peaceful Punat.

Sometimes beside the name Punat you can come across the name ‘Aleksandrovo’. Back in the 1921. people decided to rename the town after the king Aleksandar of Yugoslavia because they loved agrarian reform he introduced, but official name is Punat again.


“Look at that seagull!”

Yes, Petra, it’s very handsome seagull.

Sailboat in the distance.
In the bay.

After a while we were just sitting there, watching the sailboats passing by, seagulls flying around, catching fish. And then you started thinking about life and it’s meaning and how good it would be to sail around the island of Krk with the sailboat or to visit the Košljun island sitting in the Punat bay. I guess that’s our plan where to go next!

Old machines.

A little later we stumped across the open-air museum of old olive processing machines and it is so interesting imagining how did they do it back in the days when the donkey was the main thing to turn all these big stones and presses to turn an olive into healthy oil.

Me handling all that beauty.

When we finally come to the end of the Punat and all it’s beaches we find the real jewel. Ancient church of St. Jeronim hiding in the bushes.

Church of St. Jeronim.

Now it’s time to head back to the center of Punat and try to find a ship to take us across the bay to the island of Košljun!

Stay beautiful!

Žućko, Petra and Filip.