It was late morning when I left Punat,  this time I was alone, Petra had some urgent business to do. My next objective was the town of Vrbnik located high on the cliffs, overseeing Senj channel.

Carriage by the road.

Vrbnik is very special because unlike the rest of the island, main industry is not tourism but viticulture (the cultivation of grapevines). I was not there at the time when grapes matures so I didn’t have the chance to see the annual picking, because of that I went exploring all the little streets and passages that Vrbnik offers.

Main church in town.

After I parked Žućko at the other part of town, I went in and as soon as I entered the old part of the town, I got lost. This was my objective, because you can’t explore Vrbnik with routes already planned, you HAVE to get lost to experience it like you should.

‘Under the belfry’ is the name of the street.

Also, streets often have some really special names, ‘Under the belfry’ is just one of them. But if you follow the sounds of the bells, you will find the belfry itself.


The thing I love about Vrbnik is the chaos it contains. It’s not the usual chaos that cities contain but the chaos of little streets, passages, stairs, entrances etc; sometimes you don’t know if the street you’re walking on is the main one or the entrance to someones garden. That’s the beauty of it. It’s a labyrinth.

Flower chaos.

Chaos can be beautiful, especially if it was created by centuries of hard work and at the end – decorated with some nice looking flowers.

You have to ask yourself, what is like living here? Is it complicated sometimes, or is it simpler then most cities? One thing is certain – you sure have a lot of neighbors, so keep the neighborly relations at high.

Common space.

You also have a lot of common space, because personal one is often too small. I guess that Vrbnik is the perfect place for people who want to be very social and also romantic, because Vrbnik surely is!

But the main attraction in Vrbnik is this one special street, that people from Vrbnik likes to call: “The smallest street in the World”. Noone can tell it for sure, but it sure is the smallest one I’ve ever seen! Too bad Petra was not here to see it, but also to show the scale of the width.

Smallest street in the World.

A lot of history have already been written in these stones, but I hope one day Vrbnik will inspire someone to write a book, a novel, and it should include some magic beasts and creatures because that’s the feeling I get walking these streets. I would read that, that’s for sure. Vrbnik is special, at least to me.

It’s time to leave now, there’s a lot more magical places to explore, Žućko is ready and so am I.


Stay beautiful!

Žućko, Petra and Filip.