The Sticker Bus

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Highest mountain we climbed while having Žućko was Obzova on island of Krk (569 meters). It was time to break that record.

While I was driving towards Rijeka to pick up the crew, Lana had a different time.

It was an early morning – I was, as usually, late, packing up the pizza mom made yesterday because I had no time for anything else. So the day finally came! After, I will dare to say, a couple of months of making plans, we finally managed to organize an outdoor day together.

Filip and Žućko were waiting for me at the parking near by.

I knew Filip since we were little. We forgot about each-other for a 16-17 years,  and then we started talking again. Žućko and the love we hold for traveling introduced us again. I was very excited about seeing/re-meeting him again, after so much time has passed.

8AM came, Lana being late, feeling sorry and running towards parking place. Ah, so usual.


Then I saw him. I saw a yellow van, smiled from ear to ear and bumped into. It wasn’t even close to awkward as it could be, I’m personally not good in meeting new people but oh well, Filip felt familiar from the first moment. Probably because he was. We first needed to grab something to eat (of course, food being the main thing), then we picked up Petra, her dog Tango, then Nika, and so the yellow van together with 4 people and 2 dogs (16 legs in general) bounced into adventure.

New houses in Lovranska Draga.

New houses being built means new families decided to settle in this beautiful part of the World.

Day like made-up for hiking, we decided to go and explore probably the most popular mountain above Rijeka – called Učka. We parked Žućko and started our adventure at Lovranska Draga. At first, we thought about going all the way to the top but soon realized college life ruined us and our shape, hahaha, so we decided to take an easier route. Just so we wouldn’t die.

On our way up.

Real climb haven’t even started yet but we could already see the beautiful view on the village of Lovranska Draga and the beautiful Adriatic sea.

Around us there was only deep green forest and the peace it holds. Lot of traces of once irrigated lands, some long forgotten stalls and walls.

Path was getting steeper and steeper but we were still managing it like the real students. That was a sarcasm. We were tired.

Fighting our way up.

We soon realized we could turn dogs excitement into something useful. They could be our tow trucks!

Towing doggos.

Towing doggos or not, we still need some rest because Učka is not a small hill like some of them (yes, I’m talking about you Obzova). It’s actually way higher. It’s a mountain!

Every stop we made couldn’t go without photo-shooting.  Main models? Dogs of course.

Rest of the time we were turning our heads back towards the sea to catch some beautiful view through the forest. We actually did a good work!

We finally climbed up to the place where we found a really cool, tiny wooden mountain cabin, with a breathtaking view. We stayed there for some time, just to enjoy the scenery and each-others company. And to eat. Food is a must.

The cabin.

Time was passing by fast but we didn’t care. Bura wind was blowing strong. We still didn’t care. The view was breathtaking. Company was more than pleasant, and most importantly – energy was positive!

The view.

At (almost) the very top of Učka, Lana and Zulu even showed us some of the tricks they learned over all those years.

Day filled with sunshine, laughs, strong cold wind, exploring, filled with good stories, but most of all – filled with new people who I can now call friends.

And that’s what’s important in life. People you love, experience you create and of course – the dogs!

I definitely wish for more of this in the future. And there’s this new feeling I’ve got. A good feeling. There’s definitely a lot to come.

For all of you that came to the end, here’s your cookie. Good boys always get their cookies.

Good boy with a stick.

Žućko, Filip, Lana & Friends.