After a whole day of wandering around Ljubljana (which had nothing to do with Žućko or blog, but Filip’s university), we took a bus back to Rijeka and got into Lana’s small green car and headed to the mechanic. Žućko was waiting for us finally ready after couple of days of work.

New exhaust pipe made of stainless steel and new front bearings. We knew there was much more work to be done on Žućko but we couldn’t wait so long to finally head out to our new adventure.

After picking Žućko up we went to Lana’s place. After packing her and Zulu’s stuff, a mattress, lot of blankets, pillows and of course – Zulu we were ready for new adventure that was ahead of us this weekend. After a whole day of traveling to Ljubljana and back, at 9:30pm we well, decided to travel a bit more!

The ride was so pleasant. Just sitting in there, driving on the empty roads, listening to music and soaking in all this moments to carry them as a memory through the future years and years.

After 2:30-hour drive we were there. We got a bit lost (well actually no, you can’t really get lost if you don’t have a plan where you’re going). After searching around a bit we found a perfect place to spend a night.

We parked Žućko, organized all the things inside the van a bit, then played Uno till almost 3am. Friendly advice from Lana: ”Filip is a true Uno master, beating me in every game; if you wanna stay in good relationship with him, then Uno is a BIG NO NO!😂 ” Filip don’t agree with that tho.
But, it truly was fun. We went to sleep, looking forward to morning sun to see where we actually parked.


Good morning!

The sun came up and we were more then thrilled with our overnight place, in the first row by the sea.

We realized we ran out of food so we needed to grab something from local store and Lana had to drive because Filip forgot to take his contact lenses cleaning solutions with him . But Filip has to admit that Lana is a real pro already when it comes to driving Žućko, at least she don’t crush it into parking fences anymore.

Enjoying the road.

In the store we bought our favorite cornflakes and milk. That was actually all the food we ate that day, but it was so delicious and we actually weren’t hungry at all. We got hungry around lunch time but like we said, cornflakes and milk it was, again (don’t judge, thank you). After breakfast we went exploring around Premantura and cape Kamenjak. It was the first time for us to be there and we were veeery excited.

Žućko was parked on a big flat parking lot and we jumped out exploring all that this magical place offers. Cape Kamenjak is protected part of Istra county. It’s the southernmost part of Istra peninsula.

Blue sky and yellow van.

It reminds us on Portugal and it’s Atlantic coast even tho we haven’t been there, yet. Beautiful, steep cliffs, deep blue sea and the smell of freedom.

Kamenjak cliffs.

Love for breathtaking scenery is strong, so we were jumping around cliffs and rocks a lot to absorb as much positive energy we could. Even just sitting there on one of the rocks and watching the sea crushing into the cliffs felt magical for us.

While we were jumping around cliffs, Lana decided that Filip should take some nice photos of her and Zulu. For that occasion she started to perform all the tricks and gimmicks Zulu and she knew. In one of the tricks she made Zulu jump on her back and when he jumped back down he pushed her away too strong with his back legs and she almost fell of the cliff! That was a close call!

Regardless of the ”incident”, we were having so much fun and it was super funny for us at the end.

Main goal for us on our travels is, at the end, just one thing. To be happy. That’s why we often make up a lot of different ways to make each other smile. Smile is priceless.


After the ”Portugal feeling” we got on these cliffs, couple of hundreds meters away, we got diametrically different feeling. We were feeling like we’re exploring Moroccan dessert. Yes, the scenery is very changeable in Croatia. Just take a look at this photos!

After another couple hundred meters – same thing. New scenery again. Where are we? Is this magic?

We’ve seen so much new places, saw some breathtaking sceneries, some of the best in our lives; for which we sure were grateful.  Of course – talking, laughing, playing with Zulu, taking photos and videos and exploring through all the way.

By the end of the day, we were already tired but we also did visit the famous Premantura’s Safari beach bar and had so much fun. The weather was amazing, each other company was amazing, and we definitely enjoyed.

Our day ended simply by watching the sunset. Sun dipping it’s yellow circle into the sea is always an inspiration. For us it’s an inspiration about traveling. One day on the road is maybe over but new one will always come, just like the sun when it rises every morning.

Sunset with the best company.

Exciting weekend it was, one of the best our memories remember. Also, it was the weekend when one of Lana’s biggest dreams came true – which was to spend a night in a travel van. Thanks to Žućko, she can check this one out from the bucket list. And now we can already plan next adventures and trips together.

New adventures in our heads.

Žućko, Filip, Lana & Friends.