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It’s been a while since we last headed on the adventure. The story I’m writing now is almost three months old! Reason for that is that we haven’t traveled anywhere. After we did a redesign of our website, we started to redesign Žućko as well. It’s a long way to go, but when we finally finish it, it will be the most beautiful home on wheels you’ve ever seen. We’ll update you on that soon, but let’s get back to our story.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when, after finishing our jobs for that week, we jumped into Žućko (with ‘we’ I mean Lana, Daena, Zulu and I) and headed in direction of Istra peninsula, city of Rovinj. We were in a bit of a rush. We didn’t had a plane to catch but a friend to meet. Lana’s friend to be precise, but we hoped her to became ‘our’ friend too.

Roadtrip starting!

After couple of hours driving, some wrong turns and lots of laugh, we were finally able to find the spot where, now our friend, Emily settled for the night in her van. With Žućko parked besides them, we went sleeping not knowing what we’re going to see around us in the morning.

Our campsite.


And we were surprised. Oh boy we were. Our campsite was a billion star hotel during the night, but in the morning it was a campsite from the fairytale. From the moment we saw that view, we knew it made it on our ‘we’ll be back’ list.

Fairytale. Lim channel.

After packing up, we headed for the city of Rovinj. Exploring can start!

Towards Rovinj.

We entered Rovinj from the southern side and headed to the center by the sea. There were a lot of construction work going on because the city needed to be prepared for the next summer season which was starting in under 2 months. That’s why we couldn’t just walk directly to the center, we had to took a different route but we tried to stick to the sea as much as possible.

By the beach.

Back in the history, Rovinj was on an island. Today it’s on the peninsula. That’s because they managed to backfill the gap between the island and the mainland thus creating a peninsula. One more reason behind his such a specific look.


We spent next couple of hours exploring the town from bottom to the top. Almost every street has been conquered by our feet. Have you seen anything like this?

We also know that Zulu enjoyed this adventure too. All that new smells to explore and follow. It’s just overwhelming.

Zulu the explorer.

With the church at the top of the hill explored, with no photos taken of the inside, it was an interesting feeling to descend back to the busy city from the silent hill. Streets may be empty now, but they have a lot of stories to tell – and a lot more to write out.

Street of stories.

In places like this, you can easily get overwhelmed by the amount of things going on and all the different scenes on the streets. Sometimes it’s important to concentrate your mind on the little things, the details, and not the bigger picture. Pick some that you find interesting and stare at them. Feel them. Some of them will be there forever for you to watch, others will be gone in a second.

From South to North, every part of the old Rovinj town is picturesque. Romantic. If I lived in a house like this, two centimeters from the sea, I would definitely use my bedroom windows as a diving board to jump into the refreshing sea in the hot summer days. Too bad it wasn’t that hot yet!

With the old town of Rovinj explored, we had to leave for our home again. After saying goodbye to our friend Emily, we started driving back home. On our way home we did one last stop in the city of Pula. We parked Žućko near and went to see one last thing before finally going home. The thing we went to see was the amphitheater. Ancient Roman building that is still standing today! Maybe it’s not as big as the one in Rome, but it’s still the most preserved one in the World!

I won’t tell you nothing more about Pula. This is just a sneak-peak of what we’ll explore one day. Now it’s time to head back home.

After one year of traveling with Žućko, it is time to do a complete overhaul of his interior. We already redesigned our website couple of months ago, prepared it for some new exciting stuff that will come later this year, and now it’s time to spend some time in the garage and not on the computer. That’s why we haven’t post anything in a while. BUT, I promise you, we’ll post a complete blog (or couple of them) on how we redesigned Žućko’s interior.

Until then,

explore more.

Žućko, Filip, Lana & Zulu.